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Frequently Asked Questions


Coordinating v. Planning:

 Green Villa has a variety of day-of coordinating packages available to add on. We do not offer wedding planning assistance. You are also welcome to bring in your own coordinator/wedding planner, have a friend or family member do this for you, or choose not to have one. If you choose to add one of our coordinating packages, we can set up appointments coordinating prior to your event to help answer questions and go over details.


We only allow beer, cider, wine, champagne, and seltzer. Hard alcohol is not permitted anywhere on Green Villa property and will be confiscated if found. We’ll also require you to use our bartenders and they are $35/hr/ea. Please reach out to our office for more information on supplying alcohol.


Bottles and cans of any non-alcoholic drinks may be brought in, but you will be required to take the empties with you at the end of the night. For alcohol, bottles & cans of beer or cider are not permitted and must be in kegs. Seltzers or wine may be in bottles or cans. 


 The barn and garden each have their own parking as they are separate venues. The parking for the barn is located behind the building, and parking for the garden is located behind the garden. Please specify with your guests and any vendors which venue you have booked and also where parking is located. 


We do not include any decorations. We want couples to build the wedding of their dreams, so we have lots of décor available to rent or you can bring in décor on your own.


 In the event of rain, any outside barn weddings will have to take place inside. At the garden, ceremonies may be moved over to the reception tent or take place as planned. Extra tents being brought in will not be allowed due to the sprinkler system in the grass. Pop up tents may be allowed in certain areas. 


We only do tours by appointment to ensure that we have someone who is here and available to show you around & answer your questions, and to also make sure that we don’t have an event in progress. 


Both the barn and garden have a kitchen that is available for use. You are welcome to do the food on your own or you can bring in any caterer (including food trucks) of your choice.  Both venues also have a barbecue area if you or your caterer are wanting to bring in a grill. The kitchens do not come with utensils or pots/pans so please come prepared.

Appointments on the day of a wedding:

We sometimes do morning appointments on the day of a wedding. Couples are welcome to say that they don’t want any to take place, in which case we wouldn’t schedule any. If you have a tour scheduled for an event day, there is a chance that you may not get to see everything in person, but we do have videos of all the areas that we can show if there is an area that was not available to view. 

How many times am I allowed to visit before the wedding?

As many times as you need! As long as you schedule an appointment, you can come out to visit the venue however many times you would like. We will require a final appointment 2 weeks before to get things finalized and do final payment. 

Where can I see photos from similar times of year as my date?

Our blog has a wonderful weddings by month feature so that you can see different weddings that have taken place at each time of the year. Each wedding has the date, which venue the wedding was at (barn or garden), and also where the ceremony took place.


A one-hour rehearsal comes included with the Friday-Sunday rate. Rehearsals are not guaranteed to be the night before as we do book events on all days of the week, but we do guarantee it would be sometime the week of the event. Rehearsals may be scheduled 6 weeks before your event, as we will know then how things have booked/canceled the week of. Monday-Thursday events may add rehearsal time at $100/hr. 

Flower petals:

Any flower petals that are used outside (flower girl, aisle décor, recessional, send off, etc) must be real. Inside, flower petals can be real or fake. Items like dried lavender or dried leaves must also be real. Any flower arrangements or bouquets used outside can be real or fake.


Rice, birdseed, fake flowers, floating lanterns/balloons, cold sparklers, and confetti are not permitted for send-off. Sparklers (in designated areas), bubbles, real flowers/dried lavender, wedding wands, and glow sticks are all allowed. If there is something specific you want to do for the send-off that is not listed here, please reach out to our office to check if it would be permitted.


Real flame candles are welcome to be used at either the barn or garden. Any candles larger than a tea light or votive must be in a vase or jar with the flame below the lip of whatever container they are in. Any candles that are lit and don’t follow this rule will be extinguished. Exceptions can be made for unity candle use as long as the candles used are extinguished immediately after the ceremony. Battery operated candles are fine. Please note that since the garden is all outside, real flame candles may blow out easily so you may want to have all candles in a container or use battery candles. 


We have a dumpster onsite at the barn for any garbage to be taken to throughout the day and at the end of the night. There is a designated garbage area at the garden for trash to be taken to and then we’ll move it over to the dumpster for you. We do include garbage cans and extra liners at both venues so you don’t need to bring those in.

If I book the barn, do I have access to the garden?

The barn and garden are two separate venues. If you book the barn and there is no wedding scheduled at the garden, then you may pay to take photos at the garden ($175/hr with a minimum of 2 hours). The same applies to renting the garden and having access to the barn. Garden photos may be added May-September. 

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